May 28, 2023

Advertisers are our Champions

Thanks to all our Champions who support MyRVRadio.  We help promote, not only music for the road, but important information from RVers for RVers.  We are THE non-stationary radio station – live, online 24/7 broadcasting across the United States and Canada. And we reach your target niche.

You are here because you probably already know some of the important RV facts but let us share statistics reported in the last few quarters:

  • Approximately 1 million Americans live in recreational vehicles full-time.
  • RV ownership has grown to over 9 million households today.
  • Over 40 million Americans regularly go RVing, with over 25 million RVing a year.
  • Exports of RVs total around $1 billion a year.
  • Gen X and Baby Boomers make up the majority of RV owners.
  • Millennial ownership between ages 25-34 has increased to 8.1%

MyRVRadio RV Programs (PDF) Be a Champion of a radio program that reflects your company practices, goals, and brand.

MyRVRadio Champion Rate Card (PDF) As a Champion, choose your radio package, on location broadcasting, or radio advertorial!

Did you know that RVers drive an average of 4,500 miles a year in their RV.
How does this translate?

4,500 miles is more than 1/2 the time of the average yearly work commute.
RVers are camping with their cell phones with continuous access to Internet radio.
You not only can reach these targeted listeners with MyRVRadio – you can reach them longer than other advertising.
Reach RVers through organic RV radio programming. You can reach them in a pleasant mood too!

Thanks to these MyRVRadio Champions!

You keep our radio programs going for RVers. We thank you for your support:

  • Escapees
  • Xscapers
  • Harvest Host
  • Freedom Hauler
  • Stingray Travel
  • Grand Design

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