February 5, 2023

2023 Family Reunion

Photo: People around Campfire

Thursday, June 29-Sunday, July 5th
3319 Sapp Avenue, Vernon, Florida (David’s House)

Things to keep in mind…

  • Just to clarify – when we say family, we don’t mean born as a Lazenby or born to a Lazenby. We mean everyone crazy enough to be associated with a Lazenby and you still want to hang out with us!!
  • Everybody gets input into the schedule but somebody has to get it started (so, Cindy has volunteered – sucker!). If you want to see something added for everyone to vote on, let her know. Suggestions are at the bottom of the event schedule until confirmed and added to the calendar.
  • This is a BYOH – bring your own home (or confirm with David he has a bed for you). So bring your RV, outdoor camping tent, reserve a hotel home, whatever. (As we get closer, we will post hotel options). Where you sleep is on you! At least bring a sleeping bag and pillow and David can store you in a closet.
  • This is a BYOF – bring your own food too. Unless otherwise noted on the schedule, don’t forage for food and drinks in David’s house. Plan to go grocery shopping for what you want. There is now a Dollar General right across the street so you can shop everyday for food if you want. Bring your ice chest or arrange ahead of time with David to keep items onsite.

Note: Addresses, hotel and RV stays, and times will be added later as we get closer to the reunion.

Reunion Events

‘Family Thanksgiving Pontoon to Shell Island’

All activities have been set up to be free or very low-cost. June 28th is the exception where we have scheduled bigger ticket items.

Date 10:00 AM Activity 6:00 PM Activity
Jun 28 – Wed – Early ArrivalsDEEP SEA FISHING.
This activity is planned for early arrivals and does cost! As we get closer to the reunion and have a count of who will be going, we will get you an exact cost. Expect to pay around $50-100 per person. Let Cindy know if you are interested. Once you commit and pay, no refunds (cause they won’t give our money back).
Meetup Spot:
PCB Location TBD
Hope you brought a change of clothes or not. After the day at sea we will hit PIER PARK. Movie theater, bars, restaurants, shops and more. Also a Dave & Busters. Visit their website to see what features are available if you haven’t been before. There are activities there for everyone so pick a spot and chill or play.
Meetup Spot:
D&B’s at Pier Park in PCB
Jun 29 – Thu – Reunion StartsREGULAR ARRIVALS.
Everyone is welcome to start arriving on today and settle in for the family reunion. Make sure you brought everything you need for all the family reunion events! Look for the donation bucket to contribute to this weekends food, activities and supplies.
Meetup Spot:
Your hotel, RV or tent
Everyone (including kids), contribute $5 (or higher donation), towards pizza and ice cream. We will pick up pepperoni, cheese, and meat lover pizzas. Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream and toppings. Bring your favorite drinks and we will party on the lawn.
Meetup Spot:
Jun 30 – FriYARD GAMES.
Time for a bunch of outdoor yard games like bouncy house, corn hole, beer pong (or other beverage) and more. Sign-up for tournaments and get to know the family. If you didn’t get started with practice on games last night, you can wing it today!
Meetup Spot:
Have you ever raced a hermit crab? Pick your crab, paint its shell and enter it in the race. Maybe there will be prizes for the winners, maybe just a pat on the back. No matter, come and have fun.
Meetup Spot:
Gather around where we will hang a big movie screen. It’s time to get our July 4th on with ‘Independence Day’ movie! Popcorn will be provided. Bring any other snacks and drinks you want.
Meetup Spot:
Pack your bathing suits and something to eat and drink. We are going to the springs to swim, hangout and picnic. The water is beautiful and crystal clear. Be sure to bring your camera for more embarrassing or fun family photos. We can gather up with others for travel.
Meetup Spot:
Morrison Springs
Dress up in your favorite Hawaiian garb and bring your favorite Hawaiian themed drink and side dishes. Main course provided (a real roasted pig!). Leis & grass skirts provided. Listen to hula music, try the limbo, hula hoops, the hula dance and more.
Meetup Spot:
Pile everyone into as few cars as possible and we pay $5 per carload. If you want to book a cave tour – do it now. They do sell out. You can also go hiking, picnicking, geocaching and swimming in the park.
Meetup Spot:
Florida Caverns State Park
Multiple tables will be setup with different game favorites. A sign-up list will be available to pick your poison. Games TBA. Trivia, cards, board games and more. Plus you can catch up on the outdoor games you haven’t played yet with a team.
Meetup Spot:
Bring a picnic (or eat there), sunscreen, towels, etc. Chairs and umbrellas if you want them. We will share as many cars as possible and drive down to Panama City Beach. While there we can have sand castle competitions! For a small fee you can fish off the pier.
Meetup Spot:
PCB Location TBD
Sit around the firepit. Bring your favorite boom-booms. The bigger the fireworks pot, the longer the show! Chairs, lighters, fire and firepit provided. It’s time to show everyone how much fun this country can have with a little fire and a bunch of Lazenby’s with their friends!
Meetup Spot:
Jul 5 – WedGTHO.
Pack up. Head home. Breakfast on your own. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We still love you. See you at the next reunion! Or hang around with us and create your own entertainment AND ours.
Meetup Spot:
Your vehicle
These are not confirmed yet – just general plans.

Other Local Activities: Bowling, Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Holmes Creek Canoe and Waterpark.

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